Network processes, documents and data

*We have embedded our YouTube videos with the extended data protection mode (in this case, YouTube still contacts the Double Klick service from Google, but according to Google’s privacy policy, personal data is not evaluated in the process).
This means that YouTube no longer stores any information about the visitors, unless they watch the video.

Your building blocks for successful digitisation


Quick and easy to install on existing applications such as FIBU and ERP
Expand application scenarios and prevent system breaks through numerous interfaces to DMS, CRM, ERP or FiBU.
Work mobile thanks to the web-based, browser-independent technology
Integration into other applications through the powerful API


Safe time
Reduce time-consuming research on process status and responsibilities through automatic notifications, escalations and overviews


Benefit thanks to flexible functionality
Scale integrable modules to any company size and process complexity
Use included document management, which supports supports various formats (e.g. XML, CSV, PDF, ZUGFeRD)
Digital processing and correction of invoices thanks to automated document recognition


Improve processes
Optimise monitoring, control and adjustment of ongoing processes through a central control instance with customisable dashboards


Simply increase
Shorten processes through parallel processing
Be prepared for all eventualities and regulate process flows and information exchange firmly or dynamically
Benefit from a uniform user interface
Improve communication between employees, departments and locations thanks to the availability of >18 languages


Have full overview
Ensure traceability of active and completed processes through automatic, complete documentation and audit trails.
All staff can view their own progress on tasks and receive reminders on open steps
Process owners have full visibility of the status and due date of all tasks.

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